Privately Held Status Promotes Pride at all Levels

US Ring is a privately held firm where the owners are involved in delivering strong leadership and motivation. Our employees always take the extra step to keep the customers' needs first. Preserving our 80-year old reputation of excellence is seen as critical in today's competitive marketplace.

Price is the given, service is the plus…

Customer Service Second-to-None
Same day response to your question or request is the standard of excellence at US Ring. We follow up promptly to get more information from you, and then present your best options. We monitor our telephone, fax and email requests regularly. You will always receive personalized attention from our friendly receptionist who will direct you to the customer service representative ready to serve your needs.

Orders placed before noon for in-stock items generally go out the same day. Samples are available upon request.

Hassle Free Supplier-One Stop Shop 
• US Ring has built in quality controls to deliver the right mechanism to you at the lowest cost. With that combination of quality and price, US Ring is the hassle-free choice for all of your ring mechanism needs.

• Avoid the hidden costs of dealing with a low-cost producer who may not have the quality control issues addressed. US Ring includes the best grade of materials and design for your job, the exact match to your specifications, in-house engineering design, and the case pack configuration ready for your production equipment.

• Reduce Vendors, Reduce Shipping, Reduce Lead Times, Reduce Billings, with our One Stop Shop for 2,3,4, and 6 multi-ring mechanisms; custom mechanisms; lever arch; clips; poly storage media; Securemore; anvils; and sheet lifters.

Production Capacity is No Issue

  • US Ring has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment that can handle any size order you would like to place for stock file/ring mechanisms.
  • We manufacture hundreds of millions of units with hundreds of satisfied customers. Your order will be correct and any issues that may arise will be resolved immediately! US Ring delivers high quality at competitive prices.
  • Custom orders are always welcome. Our in-house design engineering can create the solution that best fits your project, eliminating costly delays and excessive research and development expenses.